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What we do

In addition to the children we are giving a home, we are also supporting the local community in many ways; giving them a brighter future and tackling the causes of child homelessness.

  • Childrens' Homes

    We currently have four shelters housing almost 70 children.

    Most children come from living on the street or have been recently orphaned. We help them grow in every way we can.

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  • Education

    Education is vital.

    We provide the uniforms and materials for over 500 children to attend school each year. The cost is less than €8 per child per year. You can help our effort by Sponsoring here.

  • Education Support

    For older students we provide very small levels of financial support to allow them to continue their education. Just enough to keep them motivated and their dependants fed.

  • Healthcare Vouchers

    We are running a successful healthcare voucher scheme, giving hundreds of sick children in Gondar free access to clinics and pays for their medicine.

  • Bread Coupons

    Yenege Tesfa's Bread Coupons are sold in hotels and businesses around Gondar. Each coupon is worth one fresh loaf of bread and can be exchanged at local bakeries.

    A coupon can be given to street children and other people in need of a meal for the day. This is a responsible alternative to handing out money without knowing where and with whom it will eventually end up. If you are traveling to Gondar, pick up a coupon booklet around town!

  • Life Skills Training

    We are giving HIV/AIDS, hygiene, psychosocial and life skills training that gives street children the awareness and confidence to deal with bad influences, and develop into productive, responsible citizens.

  • Income Generating Activity Training

    We are providing training that can provide a family with low or no income to set up their own small venture.

    Helping people to provide for themsevles.

  • Reunification

    Many orphaned or homeless children have extended families.

    Our reunification programme works with local police to find and reunite children with their families.

Boys Shelter

The home for boys has been running for 8 years. We currently have 17 boys, one ‘big brother’, and a mother and father all living at the shelter. We are very proud of the progress they are making; 14 of the boys finished in the top three of their school class last year. Three of the boys who recently left the shelter have now gone on to study engineering at University in Addis Ababa; great examples of what we try to achieve.

We must thank the Nosissa foundation for sponsoring the shelter and Mintwab and Abegaz for providing the home free of charge (shelter owned by Dr. Mulat Abegaz).


Girls Shelter

The home for girls celebrated its first birthday on 8th September 2010. We currently have 17 girls living at the shelter as well as their ‘mother’ and ‘father’. The change we have seen in the girls is quite incredible; from being uncertain and quiet in the early days they are now a positive ball of energy and fun with a great sense of sisterhood between them. The future now looks so much brighter for them.


Short Film

A version with Dutch subtitles is also available. To leave a comment & subscribe to future videos please visit Vimeo.

Latest Reports

A transparent overview of our spending and evaluation of our programmes:

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Record Year

We had a great 2012, continuing all of our programmes and helping to improve the lives of hundreds of local children.

ProgrammeNumber of beneficiaries
Boys & Girls Shelters69
Educational support560
Medical support900
Bread coupons3000+
Psychosocial training150
HIV/Hygiene training270
Life skills training120
Microfinance Loans20

Office & Visitors Address
Kebele 03, Gondar
How to find us
+251 (0)918 77 47 45

Postal Address
PO Box 1015
Gondar- Ethiopia

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